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MISS ASIA PACIFIC WORLD 2011 TRUTHS! The Pageant Organizer sent letter to the National Pageant Directors

The latest saga at the conclusion of the Miss Asia Pacific World is Lawrence Choi ~the founder and organizer of the pageant. Although there is no face to match the name, one of the national pageant director forwarded a letter (sent by Lawrence Choi) to a forum similar to ours. 

It is the exact same letter sent to all those who participated. 

Dear All,

Miss Asia Pacific World Competition was totally destroyed

1. I was tried to show all delegate as many cities as possible, i divided three local committees which is “Seoul”, “Daegu” and “Busan”. In the legal contract with them, each committee was responsible for all land arrangement including hotel, transportation, meals and events. But all committees did not keep the agreement. 

2. Seoul Committee blocked 30 twins to Hotel Imperial Palace, but they did not pay until 1 week delegates’ arrival, disappeared, accordingly cancelled. At the same cancelled day, i called hotel, but no rooms due to peak season, i find only 10 rooms. From that day, we tried to find hotels all over Seoul, i found only suit rooms at Hotel Intercontinental, and the price per room was USD1, 000 per suite room. We could not accommodate with this price, and divided Imperial Palace and Resort that makes a lot of complaints. 

3. Daegu Committee blocked 30 twins at Hotel Interbulgo for 6 nights and conducted Talent Competition jointly National Costume. They did not pay production fee, hence no rehearsal, the Show was delayed. I paid production fee, the show started after 1 hour than scheduled time. The result was terrible, mess, no judgement to award. For example, Miss Puerto Rico get award for Europe Award, Miss Venezuela was a model for Miss Estonia’s talent fashion show, she award Talent… All delegates angry and upset as they prepared a lot for Talent, that is Super Talent Competition. When the girls were check out hotel on Oct 13th, to travel Busan where world final held, i knew the Daegu Committee did not pay hotel. They promised to pay hotel until 11 AM, but delayed, delayed, the first group 35 girls departed to Busan, the other 15 girls could leave 4PM, after i paid USD30,000 for hotel and banquet dinner for Oct 11th Competition. 1 delegate went to her home country, 2 delegate called me to pay 20,000 usd each, then stay here to world final, the reason was due to lack of service and professionalism, but i could not promise the fund right away, the 2 girls went to home on Oct 13th. 

4. The delegates went to Busan, the hotel is Aqua Palace from Oct 13 for 3 nights. Though the girls are upset and raining, they know the reason come to Korea is Oct 15th competition. We conducted World final with more than 4,000 audiences there. 

5. It was also totally destroyed, there was a top 15, after that should have been a top 7. But Miss Venezuela and Mongolia were on backstage because where not part of the top 15, Miss Korea became winner that I believe she was not really even top 15 finalist, now Miss Korea want to resign as she knew not capacity… nobody really understand. 

6. This morning, all girls wanted to check out to travel Seoul, but Busan Committee did not pay any money to hotel, it’s like again hostage. Busan Committee disappeared, and we are trying to solve out this matter again. 

7. Now all girls travel to Seoul, today’s hotel for 1 night is “Rivera Seoul” where I and Korea Drama and Film Awards Committee blocked and paid 30 twins Oct 16 for 1 night. The girls come to join previous night of Korea Drama and Film Awards with overall Korea’s top celebrities which are optional, but I knew the girls are interested anymore. 

8. Additinally we had also a crusial matter with Chaperons, interpreters and assitants, we had a few in the begining time, and wanted to add more chaperons from Oct 5th, but the Chief Correspondent always fight witht the others, now all left, no one there, he is alone to send all girls to Seoul, he is problem maker with me. After several and serious communication with our final production team from Seoul, i declared him not to be on judgement side, but he made a crusial matter that mentioned the above 5, that there was a top 15, after that should have been a top 7, but the girls who were not top 15 were on backstage, Miss Korea became winner that I believe not really even top 15 finalist… nobody really understand. 

Dear All, in conclusion, it’s fully my mistake and fault, i had only vision but forget reality, i cannot say anything, any excuse to all of you. I just reported what was happend during competition. 

Due to several mistake and unprefessionalism of our committee, I did not travel to Incheon, Seoul’s tour, Daegu and Busan final. I am always here in my office Seoul with staff without sleeping to find a immediate funds, solve problems during whole pageant period that Seoul, Daegu and Busan Committee made matter above mentioned. 

As the pageant ended today, i appeal for redress, fall from grace for the above Daegu Committee and associated people, i will compensate all of you for the loss and money. Please send me all your bank account 

Now i am nearly exhausted, those delegates who wanted to stay longer with us, and girls for plastic surgery operation, please leave tomorrow, i have no power to endeavour at this time. 

I am terribly sorry what happened here in Korea. I am Korean, i hope this matter will not be losed reputation of Korea. 

Our participanted countries are over 50 countires, not to be happend this matter, i must accuse Daegu Committee people and crook. Please help me to send your anger and evidences for any complaint which will be a fatal to accuse 

Our competition started to destroy from Seoul, and totally destroyed in the Daegu, the 1st edition of Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 has failed with a lot of bad rumours. 


I will accuse on the following people 

Chief Seoul Committee Mr. Lee, Jin Hwan. Mob. 010 5746 0277 (+82 10 5746 0277). E.mail: wedhill@nate.comAddress: Namgang Bldg., 2-10 Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, 135-948 Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Chief Daegu Committee Mr. Keum, Beop Il. Mob. 010 9453 3000 (+82 10 9453 3000). Mob. 010 2988 2518 (+82 10 2988 2518) E.mail: Address: 4 Fl. Daegu Bldg., 90-1 Shincheon-dong, Dong-gu, 701-727 Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Chief Busan Committee Mr. Jung, Weon Young Mob. 010 6659 3622 (+82 10 6659 3622) Address: Neospo Bldg., 450 Bujeon, Busanjin, 614-030 Busan City, Republic of Korea 

SOURCE: ... andal.html

Here is another revelation from that same source:
"I asked a reputable pageant organizer who had dealt with Choi before, and he certainly confirmed my suspicion. To protect his identity, I will call this organizer as "John." According to "John," Choi likes to namedrop to give the impression that he knows important people or groups. When you visit the Sponsors section of the official MAPW website, you'll see an overwhelming list of sponsors, broadcasting/media, alliances, and associates. One cannot help but wonder if any or most of these "sponsors" were even aware of the pageant. It's strange, too, that when you click on the banners of the media partners, it doesn't take you to their official sites. Try clicking the banners of two pageant sites - Missosology and The Ideal Beauty - and see for yourself. The MAPW website may look sophisticated and all, but it's definitely badly administered. "John" pointed out that this is not the first time that Choi had infringed on a pageant title. It appears that he had also used the title "Miss Global Beauty Queen" (which is produced by ERM Marketing) to promote a new pageant with a similar-sounding name. Even the name of Choi's company - Elite Asia Korea - infringes on the name of Elite Models of Korea. "John" also stated that Choi had also cheated Tracy Kemble, the president of Mrs. Globe, and David Marmel, the president of Mrs. World (this explains why Mrs. World 2010 did not take off in Korea)."


1. The winner Park Sae Byul is planning to relinquish her crown.
2. Miyako Miyazaki sat as one of 3/16 non Korean judges.
3. Sushmeta Sen attended the pageant.
4. Monies are owed to some of the girls who participated.
5. Girls were hostaged in the hotels after the pageant because the organization didn't pay for hotel accommodations.
6. Lawrence Choi is promising reimbursements but he wants those to forward their bank accounts [numbers] [-X[-X [-X 
7. Amy Willerton met with her lawyer in regards to the MAPW debacle and she has to return to Korea for any legal proceedings.
8. Amy will do what she can to expose Miss Asia Pacific World.

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