Thursday, 27 October 2011

Miss World 2011 Contestants Trip to British Castles

To the Edinburgh Castle

2011 Miss World Contestants at Edinburgh26th October 2011
2011 Miss World Contestant Trip to Edinburgh Castle

As a special final day in Scotland, all 122 of the 2011 Miss World Contestants spent the day in ‘awe’ at one of Scotland’s most important historical buildings, the Edinburgh Castle. A once mighty fortress that housed royalty as it dominated the skyline; Edinburgh Castle is now home to the Scottish Crown Jewels, as well as being the focal point for the Scottish Hogmanay celebrations.
While on their tour of the castle, the girls had the privilege of witnessing the historic firing of the one o’clock gun, which has been fired almost every day since 1861. The gun did not disappoint, and despite covering their ears in anticipation, everyone jumped in shock at the sound and power of this ancient attraction.
At 17.30 the contestants were greeted by a traditional Scottish pipe and drum band. The girl’s joined in with the march through the castle gateway and out onto the esplanade.  The castle looked stunning – illuminated by the darkening skyline and flaming torches. The contestants marched in unison with great smiles on their faces as they embraced a Scottish tradition. The day was truly a fantastic end to the Scottish leg of the Miss World 2011 UK tour.

To the Stirling Castle

Miss World Contestants at Stirling Castle26th October 2011
2011 Miss World Contestants visit Stirling Castle

60 Miss World Contestants visited the ancient Stirling Castle yesterday morning, home to one of the finest and best-preserved Renaissance attractions in Great Britain. Built by James V, it was the home of his French wife Mary of Guise and Daughter Mary Queen of Scots who was crowned in 1543.
The girls enjoyed a thorough tour of the castle, which included using a medieval loom to weave a tapestry and learning about its history from kilted guides. The contestants and current reigning Miss World, Alexandria Mills were photographed at the long dining table, in the iconic Great Hall.
It was a cultural trip full of Scottish tradition which left the contestants overwhelmed by the castle’s breath-taking views and beauty. Visit our facebook page to see more photographs, and our youtube page at for a highlighted video segment!

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