Thursday, 3 November 2011

Miss World 2011 Placements and some Format systems!

(Egni Eckert of Paraguay, Top 25 Semifinalist at Miss World 2010)

On the night of November 6, 2011, only 30 semifinalist will have the chance to win the Miss World Crown! Then their Fast Track scores will be shown. Only 15 highest fast track scores will have the chance to continue then it will rounded off to 7 then the Announce of Winners.

Here are some Format systems: (not in proper sequence)
1. The traditional Dance of the World will be presented where several delegates will perform depicting their country`s culture in a form of dance. All will be in their National Costume. It will like be pre-taped.
2. The winners in each Fast Track event will be announced

More Information will come soon!
Special thanks to Lito Mora of OPMB

Miss World 2011 Official Website: